2 x Worms / Pinball Maniac + Mega Man post ?

2 x Worms: One of the rarest games to find in the SCN-region. Only sold in Denmark back then.
It was not my intention to be the owner of two of these – but why say no to a good offer?
This year i got the second one – an upgrade. Thx @gameandwatchdk (go follow him by the way) ?.
I might consider selling one of them in 2020 so let me know if you are hungry ?

Mega Man: Mega Man with added danish instructions was one of the first imported games i came across in 2019. I took it back from Sweden. ?
Very good condition. UKV region. Bougt from @retroplay.se – won it at auction on Tradera. Fair price. The swedes hate the big danish label on the front – my luck ?

Pinball Mania: Pinball Mania or Fantasies? I have never seen this game with danish instructions before. So happy to get it and it’s almost minty fresh. Pure love ?
It was the last game i bougt a couple of days before Christmas. Thx to my number one pusher @nintendopusheren (go follow him and visit his new shop at Nørrebro!) ?

Merry Christmas / Frohe Weihnachten / Joyeux Noël / Glædelig jul to everybody ??