Hennix Expo AB sales system

If you haven't seen my video from last sunday with a desk arriving at a videogame store in Copenhagen, you can check it further down.

BUT this is the brochure from Hennix Expo Sales System - the system that @nintendopusheren just bought to his store.

The "mountain series" made by Hennix Expo/Örebro Expo in 1991-1992 was sold to toy stores around Scandinavia and the series was NOT eco friendly #plasticmountain ?


Recent pickups

Recent pickups from the post office ?

Kid Icarus, SCN. Jungle Strike, UKV + DK-instructions. Tetris Attack, UKV + DK-instructions. Tetris, SCN-1.

G&W Gallery, NUKV + DK-instructions. G&W Gallery 2, NEU6.

Peter Pedal, DAN. Pixeline, DAN.

Donkey Kong, NUKV.

There's a "new" desk in town

There's a "new" desk in town @nintendopusheren - a 'Hennix Expo AB' Sales System desk (produced in Sweden) that stood in Haderslev, DK in the local toystore 'LegeKæden' around 1991-1992. The desk was rediscovered around 2008 in a warehouse in Aarhus - where an old man sold old store fixtures. This is the first time that we have seen 'Hennix Expo' fixtures in recent times in Denmark. ❤️?


The video is in danish - sry.

Legit or not? World Cup USA 94

Legit or not? This box was sold in Denmark. Imported to Denmark by Electronic Fun. They produced the danish b/w instructions. BUT the box looks fake:
A “R” on the barcode. “White” cardboard inside (look at the photo of the top). UKV on a blue background color (why not green?). The way the box is folded at the bottom - is that an UKV-standard? Cart is FAH (the seller bought the game from new back then, she said). A missing red stripe on the front. Background color under GAME BOY is wrong and badly made.

But how could it gain acces to the danish market? The label on the front is legit and the danish booklet is similar to what else has been produced and attached imported games in Denmark. Is this a vintage repro from Italy (rumours said they produced some high quality repro boxes back then).

What do you think?

I now own to of the special made danish instructions, so there might be more boxes out there...

Danish instructions for imported Game Boy-titles

Danish instructions for the imported titles sold in Denmark and not marked SCN. All of these came with the Postman over the last three weeks.
StarTropics for NES and the rest for Game Boy Classic and two for Game Boy Color.
Trying to collect the information about regions and imports - a never ending project. ?

Ocarina of Time - factory sealed, sold in Denmark

Ocarina of Time. Not a minty fresh factory seal but it’s there. Nor is the box sharp as a knife.

What i find more interesting is the combination of seal and the label on the back. In a danish context - it’s rare. As in really rare. ?

But can you recognice the danish store that sold this game back then? ‘Prisgruppe C’ was a cheap one! ?

Animal Crossing - the corona free island

“Get ready to start a new life on a deserted Island paradise” ... without Corona! Yes, thanks ?

Do you remember Electronic Fun?

Do you remember ‘Electronic Fun’? I’m trying to get in contact with some of the employees from back then. Do you know of anyone? Would like to do an ‘inside story’ article from the Nintendo era in Galten, Denmark. ???

Also - if you have some papers, folders, advertising or what so ever, please let me know ??

RESAT - the Retro E-sport Allstar Team from Denmark

They are here! @team_resat - the Retro E-sport Allstar Team from Denmark ???

The article from Weekendavisen is in danish but it’s all about the new danish e-sport team capturing new world records on all kinds of cool retro platforms; pinball, arcade and homesystems all flanked by the ‘cutting edge’ coach Bobby from the legendary shop in Copenhagen @rubenogbobby.

Give them a like, a follow and keep your eyes wide open for their new goals... and be aware - no records are now safe @twingalaxies ?✊

'Nintendo Klubben' in Denmark

Meet Kasper, Søren, Kristian and Kim.

Ready to help you at Electronic Fun Headquater in Galten, Denmark.

Give them a call: +45 86946333