The complete SCN collection

The SCN collection - all in one picture. And some of the tuff “boys” to find 😍

Almost all of them imported by @bergsala except from Dr. Franken🧟‍♂️

Game Boy folder from Bergsala - translated into danish

This is the rare danish version of the Bergsala (swedish) more common version. Actually this one is the only danish edition i have seen so far. I know that the swedish version also was to be found in Denmark back then, so this one was probably printed in a very low number. Electronic Fun is the importer and at the bottom Bergsala is written as the rights holder.


Super Rare Games

Super Rare Games: Collectors Editions

Game no. 16 & Game no. 24 from @superraregames.

Earthlock is a heavy weighter 🤪 Gardens Between is way more human in it’s size 😅

But i still have one gap in my Super Rare Collection... 😳 What game number do you think it is?

I’m still a SRG member by the way 😎🎈

Nintendo Switch 3 years old

Nintendo Switch 3 years old today

Nintendo Switch. Three years today. Happy B-day! 🎂🎈

Here are a handful of my favorite games. A mix of limited third party games and a single Nintendo franchise. From Thimbleweed Park, Snake Pass, Human Fall Flat, Celeste, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom to another Kingdom... Kingdom: New Lands and finally The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Very different games i know, but that’s what makes the Switch.

Also thanks to @superraregames and @limitedrungames for making games physical 💪

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch ad: Thousands of games to love

When the sun rises... Nintendo looks good 🤩 “Thousands of games to love” - Which is your favourite game?
February 24th 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey ad in Copenhagen

Back in november 2017 this was all over Copenhagen, Denmark. I was stoked to see this ad - the first one in the streets by Nintendo for a very long time 🤩

Sonic the Hedgehog

The longest Sonic ad in Denmark

“If you were me... you would be home now” The longest Sonic ad i’ve seen so far🥰 Copenhagen, Denmark.

Game Boy lot, The Smurfs SCN

Yesterday’s pick up

Yesterday’s pick up at the post office 📦 Not a bad one i think 😎

Donkey Kong instructions in DK and UKV.
Street Fighter 2 instructions in DK and UKV.
Tennis CIB UKV + DK instructions.
Donkey Kong Land CIB GPS + DK instructions.
Defender / Joust CIB GPS (no DK instructions - let me know if you have one🧐).
The Smurfs CIB SCN.
Killer Instinct GPS IB + DK instructions.
Super Mario Land 2 instructions in DK + GPS.

New documentary: NOT FOR RESALE: A Video Game Documentary

Go visit and watch the new Video Game Store Documentary. A must see for every video game collector or video game shop owner.

Unfortunately you can't buy it on VHS ;-) but take a look at the trailer here and be sure not to miss the full movie!

And when you've seen it - GO VISIT YOUR LOCAL GAME PUSHER!

Balloon Kid Game Boy

Balloon Kid completed

Winter Holiday Cozyness. 🔥🌦

Balloon Kid completed for the first time - Alice rescued her little brother, Jim! 🎈

A nice, short and very cute game. Not really a hard one but i managed to spend 14 lives at the final boss. Had to use a continue. Doh! 😅

A 1991 Nintendo Classic indeed!