Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

The first time I played Kirby was on my Game Boy – a white Kirby! That was around Christmas 1992.

I clearly remember sitting in my room and being in "Dreamland", but it stopped after only a few hours and then the game was over. It was a big anticlimax for me. Was it really the end?

I played it several times, but never got over the disappointment that a game could be so short now that it was so expensive (400 DKK = 50 €).

Today, approx. 30 years later, I am embarking on a new Kirby adventure. I predict it will be a little too easy again, but then I'm aware of it. My kids should probably find it cozy ✌️

Thanks to @nintendopusheren for the extras. And to @bergsala for being my Kirby supplier for almost 30 years now 💖

Fun Fact: Kirby was white on the Game Boy due to lack of color on the system, but he was always thought pink. Miyamoto actually wanted Kirby to be yellow... 🟡

Worms SCN x 3

Worms X 3 (SCN)!

Two of them are leaving my collection soon.

Take good care of these small battle fellows 🖤

By the way – how many times have you seen a picture including three Worms in the region code SCN before this one? 😜✌️

Distributed by @bergsala august 5th 1997. All with SCN instructions with english(!) text and a danish folder in black an white added.

Steen Bolbro Josty Kit

Meet Steen Bolbroe – founder of Josty Kit

Those who know, know. And if you know – let me know ✌️😎
Danish video game history in the making 🗃📝

Battletoads & Double Dragon - The Ultimate Team

Battletoads & Double Dragon - The Ultimate Team🤜🤛 A rare find!
Meet Rash, Zitz and Pimple + Billy and Jimmy… and Roper! A tuff one 😎
UKV edition with all European languages in the booklet and on the back of the box - except from danish and norwegian but it’s okay. We do understand Swedish (most of it) 😅
Distributed by @sonymusicdenmark in 1994 i guess? And with a classic FONA-label on the front 💥
Nintendo Magasinet in the back from september 1994 where both the SNES and GB game were reviewed.

Nintendo Videospelklubb

What we didn’t get in Denmark was this 👉 A wish list from @bergsala, november 1988 in the swedish Club Nintendo zine 🇸🇪🎅
Any wishes and we could send in our wishes together and share the shipping costs? 🤩

Atari advertising in the Donald Duck magazine november 28th 1983

Atari advertising in the Donald Duck magazine november 28th 1983. I was one and a half at that time - how old were you in the Christmas 1983?
No Atari under the 🎄 here by the way 👶
The title: ‘To all the parents who believe that video games are pure toy’

Jørgen's collection. He imported Game & Watch to Denmark back then

Here is a photo i received from Jørgen, who visited Singapore in the beginning of 1981 and later started importing Game & Watch to Denmark.
The photo shows Jørgen’s collection as it looks today 👌
More about Jørgen and his trip in my book about video games in Denmark, which i am working on 📖🤓

Sverige, Nintendo air ballon

Book a trip with the hot Nintendo air ballon

Book a trip with the hot Nintendo air ballon 🎈A “Sweden only” offer 🇸🇪
In the danish Club Nintendo zine it was said that one should keep an eye across Kattegat to get a glimpse of the balloon. It didn’t cross the sea though.
There is a small interview with the kind air captain Lars Karqvist in the book by @manualmartin and ‘Super Nintendo i Sverige’ - get your copy now🎄📖💛💙

Super Nintendo i Sverige, bok

Super Nintendo i Sverige – the book!

Here is the book of all books! "Super Nintendo i Sverige" 🌟
I can’t recommend this book enough if you are a fan of Nintendo ( @bergsala ) and live in Scandinavia 🇸🇪🇩🇰🇫🇮🇳🇴
The book is richly illustrated and packed with information and amazing memories. In fact 2 kilos over 196 pages! 🤘😎
We can all thank Martin Lindell ( @manualmartin ) & Carl Michael Sahlberg ( @sndb ) for that. A huge amount of work the two have put into the creation of this book. Respect! 💪
Also a big thank you to the fantastic store @spelochsant and @fandrakebooks for making such a book possible. 👏

If it's not already on your wish list for Christmas, then get it on! 🎅🎄

Anders And Donald Duck x LEGO Super Mario

Donald Duck x LEGO Super Mario

Anders And & Co (Donald Duck) x LEGO Super Mario. September 2020 + October 2021.
Distributed by @egmontmedia 👉 @lego 🤘