The complete SCN collection

The SCN collection - all in one picture. And some of the tuff “boys” to find ?

Almost all of them imported by @bergsala except from Dr. Franken?‍♂️

Game Boy folder from Bergsala - translated into danish

This is the rare danish version of the Bergsala (swedish) more common version. Actually this one is the only danish edition i have seen so far. I know that the swedish version also was to be found in Denmark back then, so this one was probably printed in a very low number. Electronic Fun is the importer and at the bottom Bergsala is written as the rights holder.


Super Rare Games

Super Rare Games: Collectors Editions

Game no. 16 & Game no. 24 from @superraregames.

Earthlock is a heavy weighter ? Gardens Between is way more human in it’s size ?

But i still have one gap in my Super Rare Collection... ? What game number do you think it is?

I’m still a SRG member by the way ??

Nintendo Switch 3 years old

Nintendo Switch 3 years old today

Nintendo Switch. Three years today. Happy B-day! ??

Here are a handful of my favorite games. A mix of limited third party games and a single Nintendo franchise. From Thimbleweed Park, Snake Pass, Human Fall Flat, Celeste, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom to another Kingdom... Kingdom: New Lands and finally The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Very different games i know, but that’s what makes the Switch.

Also thanks to @superraregames and @limitedrungames for making games physical ?

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch ad: Thousands of games to love

When the sun rises... Nintendo looks good ? “Thousands of games to love” - Which is your favourite game?
February 24th 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey ad in Copenhagen

Back in november 2017 this was all over Copenhagen, Denmark. I was stoked to see this ad - the first one in the streets by Nintendo for a very long time ?

Sonic the Hedgehog

The longest Sonic ad in Denmark

“If you were me... you would be home now” The longest Sonic ad i’ve seen so far? Copenhagen, Denmark.

Game Boy lot, The Smurfs SCN

Yesterday’s pick up

Yesterday’s pick up at the post office ? Not a bad one i think ?

Donkey Kong instructions in DK and UKV.
Street Fighter 2 instructions in DK and UKV.
Tennis CIB UKV + DK instructions.
Donkey Kong Land CIB GPS + DK instructions.
Defender / Joust CIB GPS (no DK instructions - let me know if you have one?).
The Smurfs CIB SCN.
Killer Instinct GPS IB + DK instructions.
Super Mario Land 2 instructions in DK + GPS.

New documentary: NOT FOR RESALE: A Video Game Documentary

Go visit and watch the new Video Game Store Documentary. A must see for every video game collector or video game shop owner.

Unfortunately you can't buy it on VHS ;-) but take a look at the trailer here and be sure not to miss the full movie!

And when you've seen it - GO VISIT YOUR LOCAL GAME PUSHER!

Balloon Kid Game Boy

Balloon Kid completed

Winter Holiday Cozyness. ??

Balloon Kid completed for the first time - Alice rescued her little brother, Jim! ?

A nice, short and very cute game. Not really a hard one but i managed to spend 14 lives at the final boss. Had to use a continue. Doh! ?

A 1991 Nintendo Classic indeed!