New world record in Solar Striker

On May 2, 2018, my score in the classic Game Boy game SolarStriker was approved by Twin Galaxies. 703,900 points – a new world record!

Subsequently, I was mentioned in Twin Galaxy’s weekly “Scoreboard Spotlight”, where they stated the following:

“Mtylak” knows how to get the job done as he gathers an incredible amount of points in his run of SolarStriker. Not only does Tylak have the accuracy and timing to destroy nearly every ship possible, but he also has the reflexes to dodge the ships that can’t be destroyed and keep himself alive throughout the run. In mastering these two ends of the game, he pulls down an impressive end score of 703,900, overcoming David “dcs577” Solomon’s record of 619,000, set in 2016 on the SolarStriker Leaderboard. Matching the accuracy and survival of Tylak’s will be a tough act to follow, dependent upon whether anyone can discover a way to kill off just a few more ships than he did.

Thanks for the nice words