The first time I played Kirby was on my Game Boy – a white Kirby! That was around Christmas 1992.

I clearly remember sitting in my room and being in “Dreamland”, but it stopped after only a few hours and then the game was over. It was a big anticlimax for me. Was it really the end?

I played it several times, but never got over the disappointment that a game could be so short now that it was so expensive (400 DKK = 50 €).

Today, approx. 30 years later, I am embarking on a new Kirby adventure. I predict it will be a little too easy again, but then I’m aware of it. My kids should probably find it cozy ✌️

Thanks to @nintendopusheren for the extras. And to @bergsala for being my Kirby supplier for almost 30 years now 💖

Fun Fact: Kirby was white on the Game Boy due to lack of color on the system, but he was always thought pink. Miyamoto actually wanted Kirby to be yellow… 🟡