Are you enjoying Metroid Dread?

This game might be GOTY for me. Last time I played Metroid was back in the nineties – Metroid 2. I haven’t been into the Metroid franchise since. But now I’m totally sold. What a game! The controls, intensity, aesthetics, gameplay, puzzles, sounds and boss fights are fantastic. Cut scenes as well 🖤

Think it was tough to reach 100 % and especially the Speed Booster sequences were a challenge. My kids helped me get lost and fight evil bastards and they were challenged in a way I normally don’t see 🤪 Like in the good old days 🤘😎 It might have helped to play some of the other 2D games in the series. Might be time for it now – backwards? 🤭

And now I am seriously considering getting hold of the Special Edition … 😳