Batman Forever, WWF, Jetsons, McDonaldland Game Boy
Kirby´s Pinball, Super RC Pro AM, Top Ranking Tennis, Dr. Franken Game Boy
Crash Dummies, Track & Field, Bart Simpsons Game Boy

RIP … In the beginning of 2019 i bought these games. They were picked up by a fellow collector and send to me afterwards. Normally the package would arrive within 2-4 days with DAO / Coolrunner, but it never did. For one and a half month i was trying to get the support at DAO to find the package. It was stuck in their central of distribution in Aarhus, DK i could see in tracking infos. But why couldn’t they find it then? I was asking them to look further into the case and asked them serveral times.

After a while (about two months) they send me an email with a compensation for the loss. They offered 1.000 DKK / 130 €…
Afterwards i was told that if they suddenly found the package, they would burn it, because the conpensation was payed. WTF?
Never take the compensation is my newly learned lesson…

The game Batman Forever with Danish instructions was the only known ex so far… ?