This game was the last ‘block’ in the puzzle of getting a complete SCN CIB GB collection… i thought… but i went through all of my SCN boxes and there was one f**king cart missing ? The R-type (cart) is the last spaceship missing ?. SO everyone – if you have a loose cart in good condition and the price is good, you might be the one to help me in getting that last block ?

And to get back to the Tetris box – it wasn’t easy to get hold on actually. It took me half a year or so to get it from Sweden (never seen one for sale in Denmark!). The box is SCN and cart + instructions are both SCN-1. The reason for the difference must be that the bundle GB/Tetris came in 1991 with Tetris cart and instructions in SCN. The 40225 box here came in 1994 feb 25th and was the first Tetris box released in Scandinavia ??