Back then i wasn’t really a skateboarder like @tonyhawk … Instead i did my stuff on a pair of ‘Roces: Majestic 12’ in the mid 90’ies by @roces_official
Jumping stairs, dirt riding in the woods on step slopes and my beloved Roces was also used as the preferred vehicle when drinking beers and going to parties around the city of @haderslevkommune where i grew up 🤪 (No @the_streetdome back then – only street!)
Today my Majestic 12 are long gone – but i do miss them and the good times with @dogeatdog.official and @311 in my ears 👊🎧
This summer i will spare my knees and do some skateboarding on the telly – game bought at @nintendopusheren
Are you ready to take me on a journey @runeglifberg? 😎🛹