Legit or not? This box was sold in Denmark. Imported to Denmark by Electronic Fun. They produced the danish b/w instructions. BUT the box looks fake:
A “R” on the barcode. “White” cardboard inside (look at the photo of the top). UKV on a blue background color (why not green?). The way the box is folded at the bottom – is that an UKV-standard? Cart is FAH (the seller bought the game from new back then, she said). A missing red stripe on the front. Background color under GAME BOY is wrong and badly made.

But how could it gain acces to the danish market? The label on the front is legit and the danish booklet is similar to what else has been produced and attached imported games in Denmark. Is this a vintage repro from Italy (rumours said they produced some high quality repro boxes back then).

What do you think?

I now own to of the special made danish instructions, so there might be more boxes out there…