Wave Race / Tobu Tobu Girl post ?

Wave Race: My first sealed Nintendo red stripe game. Region UKV with ‘Bergsala’ on the top. This could have been the imported version, but in Denmark the distributor would have ‘unsealed’ the game and added the extra danish instructions.
Not quite sure if i will keep it. It was a good deal, but i like to play the games… ?

Tobu Tobu Girl: The guys from @tangramgames had a great talk at Retro Expo in Copenhagen and i was asking if they had extra games of the first edition of TTG to the classic Game Boy. No games left but a box and an instruction booklet they had.
I was lucky to get one of the last copies of both and I’m so thankful. ?

Now I’m waiting for my TTG Deluxe limited version for Game Boy Color to be sent from First Press Games. ?